Silk Abaca

Silk Abaca is a fine blend of silk and abaca fibres. The abaca fibres are interwoven with silk to create a pliable, yet strong fabric that creates amazing curves when twisted and shaped. Silk abaca fabrics have unique sheen and dye really well to produce the most vibrant colours.

Any hat or fascinator made from silk abaca will always be unique and stand out from the crowd.

Width - 39.5" or 100cm
Sold by the half meter (50cm)
Buy quantity 2 for a full meter and save.

Silk Abaca (50cm) - Blue
Silk Abaca (50cm) - Chocolate
Silk Abaca (50cm) - Emerald
Silk Abaca (50cm) - Grey
Silk Abaca (50cm) - Lime
Silk Abaca (50cm) - Neon Lime
Silk Abaca (50cm) - Violet
Silk Abaca (50cm) - Wine
Silk Abaca (50cm) - Yellow