Do you own an inexpensive hat? Do you want to make your uninteresting hats more colorful and vibrant? Millinery embellishments are an excellent solution. Add embellishments, add flowers, leaves, or other hat embellishment millinery and make your hat a gorgeous headpiece.

Buy pom poms online for a fun and cheeky way to dress up your designs.

Brooch ( 72723)
Brooch (71820)
Brooch - Feather
Brooch/Collar Pin - Silver
Crochet Bead - Burgundy
Crochet Bead - Chocolate
Crochet Bead - Grey
Crochet Bead - Lilac
Crochet Bead - Lime
Crochet Bead - Purple
Crochet Bead - Red
Crochet Bead - Tan
Crochet Bead - Turquoise