Pre-blocked Bases

This season, create a showstopper using our pre blocked hat bases. Sport these stylish buntal hat bases and trim them with your favorite embellishments. Woolfelt hat bases give you a comfortable warm look especially during the autumn/winter carnivals.

For that spring/summer look start your creation with our sinamay hat bases. Team up these stylishly designed sinamay hat bases with bold colored trimmings to lift any casual outfit.

Boater Hat/Straw - Chocolate
Boater Hat/Straw - Ivory
Boater Hat/Straw - Natural
Buntal Button Base - Blue
Buntal Button Base - Colbalt
Buntal Button Base - Emerald
Buntal Button Base - Grey
Buntal Button Base - Indigo
Buntal Button Base - Lilac
Buntal Button Base - Orange
Buntal Cocktail Base - Coral
Buntal Cocktail Base - Grey
Buntal Cocktail Base - Indigo
Buntal Cocktail Base - Lemon
Buntal Cocktail Base - Lime
Buntal Cocktail Base - Orange
Buntal Cocktail Base - Royal
Buntal Saucer Base - Black
Buntal Saucer Base - Coral
Buntal Saucer Base - Cream
Buntal Saucer Base - Fuchsia
Buntal Saucer Base - Indigo
Buntal Saucer Base - Ivory
Buntal Saucer Base - Nude
Buntal Saucer Base - Rose
Buntal Vienna Base - Grey