Hair Accessories

With millinery hair accessories get creative, from a simple metal headband to start your piece through to our beautiful silk roses to add trim.

Wear any of the satin headbands to complement your casual attire or dress them up to match any race goers outfit.

Comb/Metal/10 Teeth - Gold
Comb/Metal/5 Teeth - Bronze
Comb/Metal/5 Teeth - Gold
Comb/Metal/5 Teeth - Silver
Comb/Wire/20 Teeth - Black
Comb/Wire/20 Teeth - Gold
Comb/Wire/20 Teeth - Silver
Elastic Cord - White 1m
Hat Fillers/Insert
Headband Satin Large - Aqua
Headband Satin Large - Blue
Headband Satin Large - Gold