Hat Bodies

Create stylish and colorful hats and fascinators using our quality range of hat bodies. Colors for all seasons now available.

Buntal Mats from Millinery Online can be blocked or free form sculpted to create your perfect piece.

Step out in luxury this season using wool felt cones for the base of your Autumn/Winter fascinator or hat and trim with our wide range of flowers and foliage.

Shop Online for available hat hodies:

Cone/Wool Felt - Black
Cone/Wool Felt - Blue
Cone/Wool Felt - Burgundy
Cone/Wool Felt - Classic Blue
Cone/Wool Felt - Cream
Cone/Wool Felt - Fuchsia
Cone/Wool Felt - Ivory
Cone/Wool Felt - Magenta
Cone/Wool Felt - Mustard
Cone/Wool Felt - Orange
Cone/Wool Felt - Pink
Cone/Wool Felt - Purple
Cone/Wool Felt - Red
Cone/Wool Felt - Royal Blue
Cone/Wool Felt - Slate
Flare/Wool Felt - Claret
Flare/Wool Felt - Cream
Flare/Wool Felt - Navy Blue
Parisisal Capeline - Black
Parisisal Capeline - Claret
Parisisal Capeline - Coral
Parisisal Capeline - Lilac
Parisisal Capeline - Orange
Parisisal Capeline - Purple
Parisisal Capeline - Red
Parisisal Capeline - Yellow
Parisisal Cone - Black
Parisisal Cone - Canary
Parisisal Cone - Claret
Parisisal Cone - Cobalt
Parisisal Cone - Coral
Parisisal Cone - Lilac
Parisisal Cone - Off White
Parisisal Cone - Orange