Flowers & Foliage

This category features a range of artificial flowers and leaf stems for millinery and other use.


Berry Spray - Dark Berry
Berry Spray - Silver
Calli Lily - White
Costa Flower Stem - Blue
Costa Flower Stem - Fuchsia
Costa Flower Stem - Purple
Costa Flower Stem - Red
Costa Flower Stem - Yellow
Faux Leather Rose - Black
Faux Leather Rose - Blue
Faux Leather Rose - Cream
Faux Leather Rose - Grape
Faux Leather Rose - Lilac
Faux Leather Rose - Pink
Faux Leather Rose - Silver
Flower Bouquet - Blues
Flower Bouquet - Greens
Flower Bouquet - Multi
Peony Flower - Blue
Peony Flower - Fuchsia
Peony Flower - Green
Peony Flower - Navy
Peony Flower - Pine
Peony Flower - Pink Bright
Peony Flower - Purple
Peony Flower - Red
Single Velvet Leaf - Black
Single Velvet Leaf - Blue
Single Velvet Leaf - Blush