Are you looking to accentuate the style of your hat or fascinator with feathers? Then, the wide range of millinery feathers we have in stock are sure to add a striking appeal to your creation.

Millinery feathers available in Australia make an excellent addition to hats and fascinators.

If you are a vintage hat lover, then craft your hats with millinery feather flowers. Be it a wedding, bridal shower, tea party or art photo shoot; look glamourous with these millinery feather flowers .

Arrowhead - Aqua
Arrowhead - Brown
Arrowhead - Burgundy
Arrowhead - Coral
Arrowhead - Cream
Arrowhead - Emerald
Arrowhead - Fuchsia
Arrowhead - Grape
Arrowhead - Grey
Arrowhead - Hot Pink
Arrowhead - Latte
Arrowhead - Lilac
Arrowhead - Lime
Arrowhead - Magenta
Arrowhead - Navy
Arrowhead - Neon Yellow
Arrowhead - Orange
Arrowhead - Pink
Arrowhead - Purple
Arrowhead - Red
Arrowhead - Royal
Arrowhead - Teal
Arrowhead - Turquoise
Arrowhead - White
Barb Quill - Aqua
Barb Quill - Black
Barb Quill - Blue
Barb Quill - Burgundy
Barb Quill - Chocolate
Barb Quill - Coral
Barb Quill - Cream
Barb Quill - Dusty Pink
Barb Quill - Emerald
Barb Quill - Fuchsia
Barb Quill - Grape