Feather Flowers

Millinery Online has a range of stunning feather flowers hand crafted from Nagoire and Biot feathers in a range of different colour shades and styles. These flowers can be used to trim a pre-blocked base, add to an existing inspiration or just simply to wear them on their own. With great versatility you can use them in almost any design to enhance your headwear. Feather flowers that are available in Australia are created to bring structure to your style.

Dahlia - Aqua
Dahlia - Dusty Pink
Dahlia - Emerald
Dahlia - Fuchsia
Dahlia - Latte
Dahlia - Magenta
Dahlia - Navy Blue
Dahlia - Nude
Dahlia - Orange
Dahlia - Pink
Dahlia - Purple
Dahlia - Red

Dahlia - Red


Dahlia - Royal
Dahlia - Teal
Dahlia - White